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Who We Are

JBS Academy is a leading people development institute that began its journey with a focus on logistics training. Our mission is to groom a generation of well-trained logisticians with a global vision. As time has progressed, we have expanded our scope and are committed to adding other facets of people development.

Logistics, as an industry in India, is divided into 12 verticals, which provide immense learning opportunities for our students. We are passionate about imparting knowledge and skills that will empower our students to become experts in their chosen field. At JBS Academy, we firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking one’s true potential and building a brighter future. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing the best training and learning experiences that will enable our students to excel in their careers and make a positive impact on society.

JBS Academy, founded by the pioneering JBS Group in 2000, was originally designed to enhance the computer skills of young people in Gujarat. However, with the unwavering support of educators, logisticians, and social thinkers, the academy evolved into a premier institution for advanced studies in logistics in 2010. Within a decade, JBS Academy has become an academic powerhouse where excellence is matched by a strong sense of community.

Located in Ahmedabad, JBS Academy boasts a diverse and complex environment that brings together enthusiastic students and expert professors. Our curriculums are carefully crafted to reflect real-world activities, developed by our own experts and approved by an Industry-Academia team. We constantly update our programs with current issues and strive for employable education. Our enriched learning experiences include classroom instruction, self-study, webinars, and bespoke programs supported by industry experts and field visits.

JBS Academy has formed partnerships with numerous institutes at the national and international levels and has established a dedicated research wing called the JBS Knowledge Centre. Here, experts meet and contribute their knowledge and experience to help groom the next generation of logistics professionals.

To aid in the learning process, JBS Academy has published 35 books, with more to come, written by our experienced educationalists and logistics experts. Our books are also available on multiple platforms as e-books and audiobooks.

As a pioneering institution in the logistics sector, JBS Academy has received numerous accolades, including 13 awards till March 2020, such as the India Maritime Awards 3rd Edition for Educating Maritime Professionals and The Maritime Nation India Education and Training Award.

At JBS Academy, we set high standards and seek out enthusiastic students who aspire to become responsible individuals, good citizens, and experts in their field. Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and friendly environment create a unique atmosphere of openness to curiosity and intellectual ambition. Our expert instructors, comprised of outstanding scholars who value teaching, are one of our greatest strengths. Students become part of a dynamic, diverse, and creative community that values community spirit and strives to make a positive impact on society.

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